Monday, December 6, 2010

Mommy's birthday wish

I found out on my birthday that I messed up Ryan's elaborate birthday celebration!  I had told him about a week before that I had to go to the Church Women's Christmas party on my birthday.  We were revealing our Secret Pal's and I couldn't imagine Nana sitting there without a gift.  We don't normally do anything special for our birthdays so I didnt' think it was a big deal.  Well... was I wrong.  Ryan had planned for a special dinner that evening.  He was going to leave a note for me to find when I woke up saying to be ready to meet him after work for a special night.  He was going to pick out my outfit and have it ready for me after work (scary!!).  Now, my husband picking out my outfit = my worst nightmare.  I can't even imagine what I would have been dressed in.  Especially since I am pregnant and there isn't much in my closet that fits.  Oh well... it was a sweet gesture.  So, on my birthday he came into my office to at least give me my gift (since I had messed everything else up).  To my surprise, he had upgraded my wedding ring.  He picked out the new ring all by himself and I am very impressed.  I find myself staring at it every now and then.  I feel very special!!
My only other request for my birthday was to come home to a clean kitchen.  So, Ryan did the first load in the dishwasher and then Aiden helped out with the rest.
Mommy was very happy!!

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