Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weekend full of Christmas programs and parties...

The Holt family has not stopped much these last few weeks.  It seems like there is something each night for us to attend and I am getting worn out!
On Friday night, the boys attended a Parent's night out at the church.  Thank you Pastor Jennifer and team for giving us Parent's a break for the evening.  We had to promise the boys that we would not pick them up earlier than 11pm and I was doing so good until about 10:30.  I was so ready for bed but I knew if I went home, I would never make it out again and the boys would be sleeping at the church by themselves.  So we got there a few minutes early and had to wait around so they could play a few games of hide and seek.
Saturday, Mommy got to have a little "me" time.  Ryan hooked me up with a pregnancy massage and facial.  I actually think he got a little tired of hearing me complain about my back hurting so he got me the massage hoping it would help.
After that, we headed to Chipley for the annual Sasser Christmas party.  The kids love, love, love Chipley.  They get to run around everywhere and I don't have to worry about them.  The literally played outside for hours.  Then it was time for Santa to arrive and go on a hay ride.
                                            The boys and their Papa

                                    Santa... (Shhh... this is actually Uncle Tommy)

                              Aiden acting like he can read the words to the songs and Ethan is too busy eating his candy cane to sing.  On our hayride, we go by the neighbors houses and sing a few songs for them.  Since we have been doing this for a few years, the neighbors know we are coming so now some families gather outside to wait for us and Santa will visit with them and give them little goodies. 
Then after the hayride it was back to the house for the Sasser's version of the Chinese gift exchange game.  Sometimes this gets a little out of hand but everyone behaved this year.  We left the party with a festive wreath (which Ryan said I will not be hanging- even though it was pretty, it isn't our style) and Ryan left with what we actually brought... a fishing tool set.
Aiden got a bouncy ball set but was very nice and traded with one of the younger girls and left with a Hot Wheels set.
Ethan got a Woody Mr. Potato head - Toy Story 3. 
On Sunday, we started our morning with church and then home to do some cleaning.  They boys had played hard and left the evidence to prove it.  Mommy was tired of tripping everytime I walked through the living room.  Daddy began to not feel well and spent majority of the day in bed.  So... he missed out on the boys Church Christmas progam Sunday night.  Aiden started off a little rocky and unsure that he wanted to participate but ended up doing very well.  He explained afterwards that "Mommy, I was just a little shy but I got over it during the play."  Ethan was one of the three wiseman and had a small speaking part.  He did great!
This is Aiden... not paying attention but looking so very cute!
Ethan doing his little motions to the music.  I swear they said the kids can wear green!! Don't judge me!
Ethan debuting as a wiseman.  Doesn't he look excited??? 
Aiden with his party hat on 
Overall... we had a very busy and productive weekend.  I don't see things slowing down in our near future.  Tonight we are attending Ethan's First grade musical where he will be a rapping grizzly bear.  I am having to bribe him a little to make sure he participates during one section of his song.  He has explained that there is a section where they have to freestyle (dance) and he is just not into that so he would like to just stand there.  He did say he would at least tap his foot to the music!!  I am trying to make sure this doesn't happen.  Is it too much to ask him to at least jump up and down?!?  I will post the outcome of the musical soon with some pictures.

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