Sunday, May 15, 2011

Is it time?!?

I have heard this phrase numerous times this weekend.  Is it time?!?  Are you about to have the baby?? 
This past Thursday night, we thought we were going to have to call the doctor and head in to the hospital.  My contractions were pretty close and I couldn't get them to settle down.  However, at the time I was by myself at the house.  Ryan had taken the boys to the baseball game and then stopped by the store for some dinner.  When he got home, I explained what was going on and his response... "but I haven't showered or eaten yet!"  Thankfully he was able to do both since the contractions started to subside.  I wouldn't want to inconvenience anyone else in the family.
The contractions seem to be worse in the mornings but today, I have been in a lot of pain.  I am having a lot of back pain but my contractions are still not very consistent.  I was induced with both boys so I have no idea what to expect if my body goes into labor naturally.  All I know is, I am not enjoying this back pain and my contractions are becoming a lot stronger/painful.  In the morning, I go to my check up and we will see if I have progressed any further.  I have finally hit the 37 week mark so I am feeling more confident that Isabelle will do well if we deliver now. Plus, I am finally getting over my cold.  I had to explain to Isabelle that Mommy couldn't handle delivering her while I was coughing up a lung.  I couldn't imagine being in labor with the way I felt this past week.  Thankfully, I am only dealing with a little head congestion at this point. 
There are a lot of changes going on in the Holt household.  Isabelle should arrive soon and we are in the process of buying a new (for us) home.  That's right, while I am on maternity leave, I will be moving and setting us up in our new home.  All while the boys insist on staying home as often as possible to take advantage of me being out of work for a while.  I am not sure how all of this happened but I now have to figure it out along with coping with a new baby, getting her appointments scheduled and learning exactly what I am doing and need to do for Isabelle.  Can you say stress?!?  But... I am excited.  We have wanted a newer home for so long and this has really just fallen into place.  I prayed that if this home wasn't meant to be, then things would not go smoothly.  So far so good.  We still have a lot to do before things are final and we need to actually sign the papers but at least we have the ball rolling at this point. 
Wish us luck!! Who knows... my next post just might be introducing everyone to our baby girl!

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Becca said...

Woohoo! Good luck today! Sounds like it may be time... :-)

And congratulations on the house, even though it will be quite the big job for you. So much for napping while the baby sleeps, right? LOL Ah, everything will work out perfectly, I'm sure.

Looking forward to "meeting" your baby girl!