Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What is Mommy thinking?!?

So this afternoon, Ryan and I went to speak with a Realtor about a house we are interested in.  Can you say crazy?!?  Like I really need to add more stress into the mix right now.  I am currently trying to keep Isabelle content at least until Saturday (36 weeks) and at times, she is not cooperating.  Now, we are going to possibly put an offer on a house.  I have mixed emotions right now about the house.  While I am excited that we found a house that fits our needs and is quite a bit larger than the house we are currently in, I am so nervous about the timing.  Plus, we are looking at keeping our house as a rental.  Yikes!!  While this is ideal, again this is very scary to me.

All I know is that I have 3 boys that are very excited about the possibility of us purchasing this house.  At this point, I am out numbered but like always, I am worrying enough for all of us. Don't get me wrong, I am super excited for the possibilities.  This house is large, lots of storage, newly remodeled and has a big back yard.  It even meets the conditions Ethan has on us purchasing a new home: 1) he must be able to stay at the same school and 2) all the bedrooms are on the same level. 
I pray that if this house is meant for us, then all of the doors will open and this process will run as smooth as possible.  If the timing is not right and this house isn't meant to be,  then I pray the doors will close and we can move on. 
We should know something by Thursday so we are keeping our fingers crossed and excited to find out the outcome. 

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