Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our busy week...

Isabelle is still hanging strong.  As of Monday, I was between 5-6 cm.  I have no idea what I am doing at this point.  You would think with my 3rd child, I would be a pro but not so much.  I was induced with Ethan (stubborn kid didn't want to leave his cozy bed) and with Aiden I was already in the hospital at the time of delivery.  So, with Isabelle I am trying to figure out my own body and know when I am in labor.  I assume I will know when it really happens.  I have been continuing to work especially since I am about 2 miles from the hospital rather than 20 miles when we are home.  I haven't been wandering around town as much in fear of my water breaking in public.  I have been told I should call and request some towels to be brought to my office just in case my water decides to break at work, but I can't seem to muster the courage to radio for someone to bring towels to a pregnant woman's office.  I can already hear the gossip!  I think I will take my chances.  My contractions are super strong as they should be at 5-6 cm dilated but they are still not consistent.  At my next appointment, this coming Monday, if I am fully dilated to 6cm then I will be sent to the hospital since it will no longer be safe for me to be walking around.  So I assume, if Isabelle doesn't arrive this week then we will meet her on Monday.  I am kind of feeling the pressure to have this baby since I have been told by a few people that this week works best for them but it doesn't seem like I have much say in the matter.  Isabelle will decide on her own when she is ready. 
This afternoon we meet with our Realtor and the new house is still going strong.   It is scary to think we are having a baby and moving all at the same time.  Surprisingly, I haven't been as stressed out as I thought I would be.  Trust me... I definitely have my moments and it still is early but so far so good.  Our families have been great and supportive so I know everything will work out in the end.
Ethan's last day of 1st grade is tomorrow.  He was so excited when he came home today.  He immediately had to show us his awards he received and all of his good grades.  He received a ribbon for making the A honor roll the entire year and he received a certificate for being at the highest level of reading.  He is now able to read books from the 2nd-3rd grade levels.  Smart kid!!  He is also testing for the gifted program at school.  I am not sure who or where he got his smarts from but we are proud of him.  My only worry is that I will no longer be able to help him with his homework.  Will I understand it?!?  He passed the first phase of the testing and now has one more phase.  We will be called sometime during the summer for him to test.
Ethan also has his last baseball game/ tournament on Friday night.  We have a bit of scheduling conflict for Friday night but Ethan doesn't want to miss his last game.  He has improved a lot during this season and wants to finish it out with a bang!
Our big boy Aiden is graduating from VPK on Friday night.  He has been very busy practicing his songs for us and giving us a sneak peek of what we might get to hear. 
I have been so busy or forgetful that I have yet to sign Aiden up for kindergarten.  I hope I am not the only one!!  That is now on my to do list as soon as I have Isabelle. 
So here is to a busy week and now praying that Isabelle decides to stay put so I can attend all of these events with my boys. 
Hopefully on Saturday, we can relax a bit because I am tired just from thinking about the next 2 days.

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