Monday, May 9, 2011

Week 36- Isabelle update

I had my regular OB appointment today and we found out that I am 4 cm. dilated.  I knew my contractions were getting a lot stronger!  Since I am in week 36, I can continue to work and just pay close attention to my body to know when to head to the hospital.  I am nervous!!  I was induced with both boys so now I am worrying about being at work or around town and my water breaks.  How embarrassing!!  Although if I am at work, then I am just about 2 miles from the hospital.  This would be very convenient. 
So, very soon we will be meeting baby Isabelle.  I better get busy and get the rest of her things put together.  I am a major slacker.  I did at least pack my bag and a few outfits for her so at least I am making a little progress. 
With Aiden, at week 35 I was sent straight from my doctor's appointment to the hospital and then told I had to stay for a week before I could deliver.  I hadn't packed a thing so Ryan had to bring me clothes.  I think he forgot how big my belly was because he kept bringing in my pre-pregnancy clothes.  I couldn't let that happen again.  Lesson learned!!
Tomorrow is my last high risk appointment before the delivery.  I love seeing Isabelle even if it is via ultrasound but I have about had all I can handle.  Now, we are just ready to meet her face to face!

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Becca said...

So exciting!!! Good luck, and I'll be looking forward to the welcome-to-the-world post! Can't wait to see her! :-)