Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Isabelle's accomplishments

Isabelle has been doing great and working hard to gain some strength in her muscles and especially her neck.  And look at what she did all by herself...

 She rolled over!! Now, I think this might have been on accident (because she is way too young) but we will still take it.  Her therapist showed us some new exercises to help her figure out how to roll over and I think they are working.  Trust me... she didn't know what to do with herself once she got on her stomach but at least she got there. 
We have been doing all of her exercises every night and we can definitely see a difference.  We love that she gets some extra workouts at daycare too.  They spend a lot of extra time with Isabelle and that makes us so happy. 

Daddy doing some exercises with Isabelle.  Don't worry, he isn't hurting her.  Her neck was going crazy for a bit.
We have learned very quickly that Isabelle likes to cheat on her neck exercises but don't worry, we are on to her. 
We have been working really hard to get Isabelle to take a pacifier but look at what she prefers...
That's right... we have a thumb sucker.  Like mother- like daughter (although, I did finally kick the habit a few years back.)  This is what she decides to take from Mommy?!?  Not my hair, eye color or facial features... nope- thumb sucking. 
I think thumb sucking is cute and all but I can't chop her thumb off when it is time to get rid of the habit.  I remember how hard it was for me to stop.  Plus, the doctors really want her to take a pacifier.  She will need to self soothe after her heart surgery and the pacifier is their recommendation.  From our understanding, It might be hard for her to get her thumb to her mouth with the IV and any other contraption she might have going on.
So, I went out and purchased every pacifier every made (or at least the ones they sell at the local Walmart) and have tried non stop to find the perfect one for her.  During her last therapy session, I laid them all out and had the therapist tell me which one would work the best.  She made her choice and then even started training her with it.  Our therapist has the magic touch... Mommy not so much.  Pacifier= 0 Thumb= 1
Oh well... we won't give up!

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Becca said...

Oh, goodness, I had a hard time breaking that habit when I was little, too. Hope the paci works! Love these angelic sleeping photos. Rolled over?? Wow!!