Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Upcoming heart surgery

We received the call we have been waiting for... Isabelle's heart surgery is scheduled for September 28th. We will be heading down to Orlando on the 25th so we can arrive bright and early for her pre-op and echo cardiogram on the 26th. Hopefully, we will get a tour and meet everyone so my fears can be eased a bit. I am having mixed emotions about the surgery. I am excited for her heart to get fixed so she doesn't get tired so easily. She is doing amazingly well and progressing daily but I can tell she gets worn out easily. But... I am a born worrier. I try to lay my worries down but I end up picking them right back up. This is a problem I have always dealt with and going through such a huge surgery, it is a bit overwhelming. I thought that my pregnancy was the hardest thing I had ever gone through (and it was at the time) but heart surgery is now quickly stepping into 1st place. I can’t grasp the thought of handing my baby over to a doctor in order for him to open her chest and repair her heart.
Somedays, I am holding myself together by a very thin thread. It seems like even the smallest tasks are beginning to takes its toll. I got choked up when I had to talk to the receptionist at the doctor’s office (I am sure she is used to that) and when my family was discussing hotel arrangements and I appologize now if you happen to be the person who just simply asks – “how are you doing?” You may end up with a Mommy whose tears won’t stop. I know we will all get through this but it is a very stressful time.
 Today, Isabelle had a follow up cardiology appointment.  We found out that she has lost a few ounces and is down to 10lbs 5ozs.  She is still growing though- she is now 22 3/4 in. long.  The doctor wasn't too happy with her weight and she felt that her liver was a little enlarged.  So, she decided it was time for Isabelle to be on a diuretic.  She will take this each morning and this should help prevent the fluid from building up in her lungs and keep the pulmonary pressure down.   Also, this should help her to not have to work so hard to breathe and eat.   
We have a lot of prayer and support from friends and family and that means so much to us.  Keep the prayers coming as we prepare for Isabelle's broken heart to be fixed.

*All pictures were taken by Robin Tutwiller Photography


Angela said...

Wow. Reading this really took me back. Benjamin had his heart surgery Oct 3, 2008, so almost exactly 3 years earlier.
It really wasn't, at least for me, as scary as I thought it would be. If you have any questions feel free to email me--or you can look through my blog starting in Oct 2008--lots of stuff. :)
Praying for you guys!!!

Laura said...

Ben just had heart surgery in May. I was a mess and experienced painful chest pains related to the stress so I understand your emotions very well. Our prayers will be with your family!

Becca said...

Ooh, Samantha's Happy Heart Day is September 29th, 5 years ago this year! Hang in there, Mommy - you'll be amazed at the strength and determination that little girlie is going to show you after that pesky hole gets fixed. :-) I'll be thinking of you in these upcoming weeks - the waiting and anticipation is so, so hard, but stay strong!

Krista~CF Mama said...