Monday, August 22, 2011

Poor Isabelle...

Isabelle has not been feeling well the last few days.  She is very congested and has a horrible cough.  This is the first time that she has been sick.  We have been blessed that she has been so healthy especially going to daycare.  I was hoping she would hold off on getting sick at least until after her heart surgery.  We still need her to gain weight in order for the surgery to get scheduled so hopefully she will get over this quickly. 
We have defnitely been spoiled since she has slept through the night since she came home from the hospital.  Last night, she was up every couple of hours with a major coughing fit.  So today, I have toothpicks in my eyes so I can make it through the day.

Isabelle sleeping in her bouncy chair to get a little relief. 
Thankfully, we were able to get her in to see her doctor this afternoon.  I am still waiting to hear the final results.  I do know that she has gained a little weight since her last appointment.  So we are moving the in the right direction.  She is currently 10lbs 9 ozs.   I pray the doctor can give her something to help with the congestion and cough so she is back to her happy little self.

I got the final word from Daddy, Isabelle has the beginnings of an ear infection.  The boy's didn't have ear infections when they were younger so this is all new to me but it makes sense now.  She is such a easy going baby and the last couple of days, she would start screaming one minute and then the next moment she was happy again.  Glad to know she wasn't just being sassy. 
The doctor said that he is going to be extra cautious and put her on medication because she doesn't need to have any infections in her body since she has a heart defect.  Plus he also mentioned that children with DS tend to have more ear infections so we now know to watch for this.  Time to stop by the pharmacy to get her medicine started and praying for a quick recovery.

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Jaime said...

aww poor little girl!! Hope she feels better soon.