Thursday, August 18, 2011

School Orientation

The Holt family had a very busy morning.  We dropped Isabelle and Ethan off at daycare just in time to get Aiden to his kindergarten orientation.  As soon as we walked in the building, Aiden started coughing...the cough.  Uh Oh!!  Anyone who knows Aiden, knows that this could be a sign of his allergies.  But, he stopped before we made it to his class so all was forgotten and we went about our morning.  The parents stayed in the class to learn about the school year while the kids went on a tour of the school.  Aiden was very excited but I could tell he was nervous as well (he just didn't want to admit it).  When he returned, he was extra quiet and then we noticed he had hives on his face.  What?!?  Is Aiden allergic to school??  This reaction stumps us because we know he didn't eat anything so what could be in the air that is causing the hives?
We were actually surprised when the teacher asked which kids had allergies and we were the only ones to raise our hands.  Allergies are much more common these days so I thought there might be at least one other kid.  Nope... just Aiden.  I didn't want to scare the teacher during our first meeting with all of his allergies and what he does when he has a reaction but this Mommy is a little worried now.  So I did what I do best and sent an email to explain what she might expect.  If Ryan knew, he would think I am crazy for emailing already especially since school hasn't even started but I have to make sure Aiden will be ok.  My worst fear (and probably Aiden's) is that he will get sick in the classroom and then the kids are mean to him. 
After his orientation, we stopped by the nurse's office to introduce her to her new little friend and to pick up all of his medication forms he might need.
So, next stop was to the grocery store to pick up some Benedryl then back to daycare to switch kids. 
Next is Ethan's turn.  He is going into the 2nd grade so he wasn't as excited as Aiden.  He knows school ='s homework.  We go to the wall and search for his name and sure enough, he is in a portable.  Mommy is not happy but Ethan thinks it is the coolest thing ever.  So I pouted for a few minutes and then got over it.  If he is happy then I am happy. 
On a quick side note, as we were walking through the cafeteria to get to the portables, 2 girls came running and screaming up to Ethan and gave him a huge hug and then started talking to him while twisting their hair around their little finger(What?!?).  I felt the need to question their every move- find out their full names, parent's names and life history but I didn't want to embarrass him anymore than he already was.  Boy, they start young these days!
So, both boys were returned to daycare, peeked through the window- Isabelle was sound asleep and then I was off to work.
We better get used to days like today.  School, homework and soccer season are all about to begin.  Fun Times!

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