Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend wrap up...

What a weekend!
Friday morning, Mr. Brodie decided to run away from home and go on a little adventure.  He was missing for a day and a half and he is very old and not supposed to go on walks in the heat so with that combination, we weren't sure if we would see him again.  The boys didn't quite understand that he was really gone until late Friday night when he didn't come home.  Aiden was very worried about him being in the wild all by himself and Ethan was worried about his Daddy.  He didn't like seeing his Daddy sad.
Luckily, Saturday afternoon, Daddy found him about 3 miles from our house.   The boys were so excited he decided to come home.

Mr. Brodie had to rest up from his long adventure!

Saturday, the boys and I headed to Big Kahunas for the first and only time this season.  The water park was an every weekend occurrence last summer but with baby Isabelle, that was impossible.  So, the boys were very quick to pack their sister up and send her to Nana's for the day.  We enjoyed some Mommy- son time.
Then we headed to Ian's 4th birthday party for some more swimming and kabobs.  He is the first kid I have met that requests kabobs and cheese puffs for his birthday dinner.  But it worked!
Can you tell the theme?? Kung Fu Panda... Birthday boy-Ian, Ethan and Aiden
Even Daddy and Isabelle got into the spirit.

   Then Sunday, we headed to church.
Isabelle Claire 
After this weekend, Isabelle was ready for a good night's sleep.
and this is what we woke up to this morning... rough night sleep Isabelle??

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