Thursday, November 10, 2011

Field Trip!

Ethan had his 2nd grade field trip this morning and they went to see a play at the College.  A note was sent home for him to dress nice to promote good "theater" behavior.  So... I picked out his outfit last night but the only problem was, his "worker"shoes (nice, dressy shoes) were already handed down to Aiden and were not replaced.  *Insert drama... from myself and Ethan.*  He ended up wearing his tennis shoes but was not happy.  We added some gel to his hair, a little of Daddy's cologne and sent him off to school.

(Thankfully, Angie went as a chaperone and sent me a few pictures)

I see the kid next to him has a blazer on...  hopefully Ethan wasn't under-dressed.

Well...  we can dress him up but he still is the silly boy we all love!  Hopefully he calmed down and showed good "theater" behavior during the play.

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