Monday, November 7, 2011

Therapy time!!

Not for me... even though some days I don't think that is such a bad idea!  Isabelle had her physical therapy this morning.  I made sure she was full of cereal, fruit and a bottle all before her therapist arrived.  Good thing because she surely worked off some calories today! 
Look who has found out that her toes taste yummy!

Hmmm... do I like my toes or thumb better??  At this point, I hope she sticks with her thumb.

Our flexible baby

Yummy!  At least I gave her a bath this morning so they are clean.

I can't take it anymore!  I am just going to lay here until you leave me alone.

Nope, still here... then I will scream really loud and see if that works.

I want my Mommy...
Isabelle was a great sport today.  She did a lot of hard exercises and we can tell she is getting stronger.

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Me said...

Awwww....She has SO had enough PT for the day! She looks so frustrated poor baby! :( But she's doing so good!!!