Monday, November 7, 2011

Phone- Photo dump

Aiden likes to dress himself these days.  I have to admit, he is doing a great job. It kind of makes me wonder who is dressing up for??

Isabelle- snug as a bug at Destin Commons

Peek-a-boo... I see you!

A little playtime before bedtime
*Aunt Stephanie pointed out that Ethan seems to be without a shirt in most of his pictures while at the house.  That would be because he strips down to his boxers the moment he steps into the house.  For a child that is so modest, he does prefer to be without clothes.  I know... I can't figure him out either.*
Isabelle's cute little feet

Aiden giving Isabelle a massage before bed

Nana let me borrow her sewing machine.  I tried my first project- baby leg warmers.  Needless to say, I will be stopping by the store tonight to pick up a few needed materials so I can fix my first project.  Oh well, I will keep trying.

Ryan asked me to fix a pocket in a pair of his pants.  He said that I can't really mess that up... does he know me at all?!?  At least no one will be able to see the end results.

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