Thursday, November 3, 2011

Isabelle's Cardiology update

Isabelle and I headed to Pensacola on Tuesday for her echo cardiogram and checkup following her open heart surgery.  The echo seemed to last a lot longer than usual.  I think Isabelle had ants in her pants.  She was not cooperating and not interested in the Baby Einstein playing in the background.  Thankfully, the tech was patient and was finally able to get all of the shots she needed.
Everything looks great with her heart so Isabelle has been cleared for 6 months.  Our next visit will be in April 2012.  (A month before her 1 year birthday!)

Current stats:
Weight -12.2 lbs
Height- 24.4 ins. 

We were happy to finally see some weight gain.  She has gained 2 lbs since her surgery!! 


Becca said...

That's such great news!! I still hold my breath on cardiology-visit days, even though they're now 2 years apart!

unfinishedramble said...

Yay for weight gain!