Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Soccer games and more

Saturday was freezing!!  (At least for this Florida girl)  Aiden had a game at 8am and we didn't bother checking the weather before we ran out the door.  Once we go to the fields we realized how cold it was and that we didn't dress properly.  At least I grabbed a long sleeved shirt for Ethan but... he had to hand it over to Aiden for his game. 

Thankfully he doesn't have to use his hands for this sport!

The boy's cheerleader

Ethan trying to stay warm
So, we have learned this soccer season that Aiden isn't all that interested yet.  He runs around but isn't aggressive with the ball.  We even gave him a shot of his inhaler this last game to see if that would do the trick.  Not so much so we will discuss and see if he is interested in continuing next season or trying something different.
Next was Ethan's game.  He is doing great!  He loves soccer and has progressed a lot this season.

Soccer is coming to an end for this season.  I will be happy for a short break.  Ethan has decided he would like to try basketball so we are hoping to sign him up this week.  At least we should have the month of November off with zero practices or games.
After the games, we headed to the pumpkin patch.  We were not able to get out there this month for good pictures so all I got are ones with uniforms.

Then, after the pumpkin patch we went home to "rest" for a bit then headed to Destin Commons for some fireworks and trick or treating.

Ethan the Ninja, Aiden the vampire and Isabelle the butterfly.

Izzy watching the fireworks

We had a long but fun day on Saturday. 

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