Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter weekend...

We had a fun and busy Easter weekend.  We had 4 egg hunts, a picnic and Easter brunch.  Somewhere in between those, we found a little time to rest and clean house. 
Saturday, we started with our annual church Easter egg dash.  We were excited because Ryan was able to attend his first egg hunt with us this year.  It was a beautiful day and the kids were excited to start finding eggs.  Isabelle started first.  I sat her in the grass near some eggs but she was more interested in the grass.

Nana and Izzy

Do I want this leaf or the egg??  The leaf won out!
Then it was the boys turn to find some eggs.  They are actually not hidden so it is purely a race to see how many you can get.  Ethan ran and tripped over a girl's trash bag (yep, a trash bag... no typo here.  Who needs a basket when you can use a trash bag!)  and dumped her eggs so he lost out on time since he was polite and helped her out.  He wasn't happy about it but it made me proud.

Then there was a little play time:

Having fun is hard work!

After we ate, we went on a boat ride. 
Isabelle isn't sure about this life jacket.  It definitely doesn't match her outfit.

After the boat ride we headed home to rest up before our next cook out/ egg hunt. 
Isabelle learned to say Mom in sign language! just kidding!... she is just trying to find her mouth so she can suck her thumb.

She is however sitting up all by herself!  She still gets tired or attempts to pull her feet up to her mouth and loses her balance but overall she is doing great!
On Sunday, we all went to church and then headed over to Nana and Papas for brunch and egg hunting. 
Where are you going Izzy?

Isabelle is finally bigger than someone.  Her new cousin Owen.

How about a kick to the face to welcome you to the family?!?

2 pretty girls- Isabelle and Mikayla

Someone got something extra special in their basket.

Taking a snack break

Who decided to hide an egg way up there??

Ryan and baby Owen
Afterwards we headed over to the Holt's for their egg hunt with the kids.  Then it was home for naps and cleaning.
Sleepy babies

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