Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Family fun...

Saturday, we started our morning off with baseball (of course!) and it was hot! 

After Ethan's game we raced home to get ready for a birthday party.  After the gifts, we headed to the neighborhood pool so the kids could swim.  Isabelle was a little jealous so she and I put on our swimsuits and jumped in too.  She looked much cuter than I did!  We quickly discovered she loves to be in the water.  She splashed and laughed and would have been perfectly ok with staying in all day.

In order to get all the kids out of the pool they were bribed with a pinata.  Ethan is now banned from ever coming in contact with a pinata again.  This is the second pinata in 2 weeks that he has destroyed and by destroyed... I don't mean breaking it to get the candy out.  The first one, he hit it so hard that it broke off from the string and then this one he hit it so hard that he broke the stick.  He has out grown the pinata stage!
After the party, we headed out to do a little shopping for Daddy. 
Can you tell the kids were a little bored?!?

It is hard being this cool!

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