Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our Weekend...

We had a great weekend. Friday night we enjoyed watching Ethan's baseball game. He made some great plays and even faced his fears by playing a few innings as catcher. Poor thing flinched every time the ball came his way but he survived.

I love seeing moments like these!

Ryan went to help a friend move and he came home with this.
We were pretty lazy for the rest of the night and Saturday morning.   Look what arrived for us on Friday...

So our plans were to get up bright and early and lay some of the mulch out in the gardens and then head to Aiden's game.  The rain cut out those plans so we decided to just be lazy.  The boys went over to a friend's house for a play date and then we headed to their friend's birthday party at Fat Daddy's.

After the party, we tackled the mulch and after 3 hours, I swear the pile doesn't look any smaller.  Our neighbors are probably pretty tired of seeing that in our driveway. 
Sunday, we headed to Chipley to visit with some Aunts and Uncles and spend a relaxing day at the Sasser Home place. 
Although the mosquitoes were definitely out, we did some fishing, took walks and the kids enjoyed a bike ride.

My brother took this picture and the bull got up because Chad got a little too close.  I have never seen him move that fast!


Going to check out another one of the ponds. 

Clearly, I didn't wear the appropriate shoes. 
 I forgot that the Home place now has cows so I was dodging their mess during our walks.
The kids + Ryan try to play with the cows.  As you can see, they are not amused.

Isabelle getting comfortable

Finally fell asleep sucking on her toe.
 Now it is time for fishing!  Ryan and the boys were looking forward this part of the day from the moment we got there.

Can you see his fish?!?  He is there but really tiny.
 I actually took this fish off for Ethan.  I was very impressed with myself.  I have fished, when I visited Chipley, since I was little.  I always had to bait my own hook but I have never taken a fish off... until Sunday.
We think Ryan caught the same fish and Ethan.  Poor thing was hungry!

That's a little better

Of course, when you visit Chipley, you have to eat.  There is always some good food at the Home place.  Isabelle isn't eating table food yet but she thought her Mac and Beef was good as well.
Aiden caught the biggest fish of the day!

My turn
We had a great weekend full of family fun.  We are looking forward to another great weekend full of Easter egg dashes, Easter lunch and friends and family.

*I would also like to announce that we welcomed the newest member to the Barfield family yesterday.  My newest nephew, Owen Barfield.  He weighed 7lbs 1 oz and is 20 3/4 ins.  He is the newest little brother for Mikayla and Ian.  We are so excited to meet him and give him lots of love!* 

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