Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Isabelle's Post Op...

Isabelle had her 6 month post op appointment yesterday at Nemours.  I raced home from work... well more like crawled home.  I turn out of the Resort and into bumper to bumper traffic.  I get home, throw on some jeans and we jump in the car to take off and Ryan's car won't start.  Boo!!  Not a good start.
We arrive at Nemours and we are taken back to our room for Isabelle's echo.  I worked in a daycare for many years during high school/college and Barney was the big thing at the time.  So, I swore that I would never watch Barney again after I left the daycare and I haven't... until yesterday.  Barney was playing on the screen while Isabelle was getting her echo completed and I had his songs in my head for the rest of the night!
She, of course, was a wiggle worm during her testing but the tech was able to get all the shots she needed.  Then it was time to weigh in.  She currently weighs 14lbs 14 ozs and is 27 1/2 in.  She is growing slowly but everyone commented on how long she is. 
We waited in the room for her nurse and Dr. M. to arrive.  She enjoyed sitting on the table and slapping her hands on the sheet.  Then some Residents came by to check her out and she showed off a little for them.  She enjoyed the extra attention.

What is everyone looking at?!?
We got a great report on her heart.  Everything looks good and she is clear for another year.  We did find out that she still has a small VSD (still learning about this).  There is a small hole in her heart but at this time, it is not causing her any issues and they will just keep an eye on it.  When the surgeon went in to do her OHS, we found out there were a few holes that had to be repaired.  I assume this is a small one that didn't need repairing at the time.  I will have to find out more about this so I understand completely.
But the good news is that she is growing and her heart looks great! 
Some new tricks for Isabelle:
* Isabelle is so close to sitting unassisted.  She sits for a little while at a time but then falls backwards.  It won't be long though!
* She is still eating like a champ!  Although, her ST said she is storing food in her cheeks like a chipmunk.  Last night, I fed her 2 jars of food.  Not sure why the food isn't sticking to her like it does me but it will catch up to her soon- I am sure.
* When she wants to go to someone , she is reaching for them now. I love this and it melts my heart!
* She waves hi and bye.
* Sister finally has a few longer hairs.  You have to look really close to find them but when the wind blows through her hair, they float around like a little old balding man.  I am proud of those long hairs and I have cute clips ready and waiting.

Sister will be one before we know it (2 more months).  Time to start planning her party!

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