Saturday, April 14, 2012

Why did I just say that??

I found myself in an awkward situation last week.  I was asked if I had pictures of Isabelle (doesn't sound awkward right??).  This person didn't know anything about Isabelle.  I pulled out my cellphone and I found myself saying before I even showed her the pictures, now Isabelle has Down Syndrome.  What?!?  As I was saying the words, I was trying to stuff them back in my mouth and as soon as they left my mouth, I was thinking...why did I just say that?? 

It was almost as if I was so afraid of her response to seeing a picture of Isabelle that I felt I needed to prepare her.  Prepare her for what... seeing a beautiful baby?  It is so important to me that Isabelle isn't defined by Down Syndrome but here I am trying to "soften the blow" and let someone know before they even meet/see her that she has DS.
I was very ashamed of my reaction but with every situation...I learn and hopefully I grow. 
Sister is beautiful just as she is and I am proud of her.  I see things in me that I know I need to work on and situations like these remind me that Isabelle is helping me grow as a person.  Sometimes there are growing pains but I will become stronger and more confident as a person and her mother with time.  
My little water baby

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Becca said...

I did that *all* the time in Samantha's first year. I always kicked myself when I did it, but it never stopped me from doing it again. :-)