Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Weekend....

Whoa... we had a blast this past weekend.  We kept busy all weekend and the boys now think this  weekend will image the rest of their summer.  They are in for a big surprise! 
Friday night, the kids and I headed out to dinner and ice cream with a friend.  We hit up our usual Chilis and then headed to Destin Commons to play and have an evening treat.  Izzy no longer likes to sit on the bench and watch the kids play.  She wants to scoot herself all over the playground like a big girl.  She waves and greets all of the watching parents and then takes off on another adventure.  The kids are great with her and helped her on the slide or through the tunnels.  She was in big girl Heaven!
Saturday, was a gorgeous day!  Sunny with a nice breeze.  Izzy and I sat outside on a blanket while Daddy planted.  Yep, that is what he does on a daily basis.  Our yard is a work in progress but by the time he is done with it, he is the envy of the neighborhood.  Neighbors stop him all the time about his yard and it makes him one proud Man!  Whatever makes him happy, right??  I am just happy that I don't have to do it.
We also had a tea party (Thanks- Steph for the set!)  Izzy is really getting into pretend play.  It is fun to watch her little imagination come alive.

That afternoon, the kids and I went over to Chad and Steph's for a cookout and swimming.  Ryan had to work so I sent him pictures of the kids swimming to hopefully make him feel like he wasn't missing too much. 
Owen was nice enough to let Izzy borrow his floaty.  Mommy went cheap and Izzy kept tipping over in the one we brought.  Lesson learned...
Izzy and her brothers are little fish.  They could stay in the water all day long.
 Uncle Chad tossed the football to the boys and Mikayla so they were all happy campers.

Ethan used Izzy's cheap float for his entertainment so we did get a little use out of it.

 Izzy was getting her groove on with the music.  Sister likes to dance!

Sunday, Ryan was off work so we took the kids to the beach.  Everywhere was packed but we finally made it to our destination and had a relaxing afternoon in the sun.
We were smart this year, and bought a beach umbrella.  Sister doesn't have my skin tone so she has to work on her tan a little bit at a time.  Floppy hats and umbrellas is how she manages in the sun.
This year, Izzy likes to actually play in the sand and not eat it.  Yay!! She is growing up on me. 
Not my idea of fun but Ethan likes to be buried in the sand.
On Monday,we headed to Big Kahunas water park for our first day of the summer season. 
We, of course, had to get everyone lathered up with sunscreen.  Izzy was looking spiffy after hers was applied.  She has to get sunscreen from the top of her head to her little toes.  Sister is fair skinned with red hair so we don't take any chances. 
Izzy didn't want to break tradition so she feel asleep shortly after arriving.  Ryan didn't mind because that meant he could relax for a bit before getting started with the rides.
I love weekends like this... family, sun and lots of fun!
*Let us not forget what Memorial day is truely about... we are so thankful for all of our soliders who have served and are serving our Country.*

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