Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baseball season has begun...

We have now had a few weeks of baseball practices and so far, we have all survived.  I don't think we are ever at home now but the boys are having a blast and learning a lot.  Ethan is now in the minor league and his coach is very knowledgeable so we can already see progress.  We are excited to see how much he learns by the end of this season.  Aiden is learning the basics at this point since this is the first year for him.  It has definitely helped him by watching his brother for the last 2 years.  He does know where the bases are and the object of the game which is more than some of the other kids on his team (but that is what makes PeeWee so cute!).  However last night at practice, he was playing pitcher's helper and he caught the ball... his reaction was to (as we like to say/sing in our house) throw his hands in the air like he just dosen't care, then do a little victory dance and topped it off with a big thumbs up to Mommy and Daddy.  After a good laugh, we explained that the play isn't over just by getting the ball, he actually has to throw it to the base to try and get the other player out.  Gotta love that little guy!!

Ethan at practice

Ethan taking a hit

Aiden learning to hit  
Aiden playing 3rd base.  He wanted to make sure the base didn't go anywhere! 

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Julia said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope that reading Austins birthstory helped you in some way. Can't wait to "meet" you newest little one!!