Monday, February 7, 2011

Our first camping trip...

We went on our first camping trip this weekend and we all survived (barely but we made it)!  We really did have a lot of fun.  I think the boys just enjoyed being outside 24/7 for a few days in a row.  Friday night started off a little rocky since it was raining.  We decided to grab a bite to eat somewhere since we wouldn't be able to start a fire in time for dinner.  Once we were done eating and headed back to the campsite, the rain had stopped.  I had a rough time sleeping the first night.  I have never slept outside and I am used to being safe behind locked doors.  We had a neighbor who came into the campsite late at night in a van and I just felt uneasy.  All through the night, every 30 minutes or so, I would check to make sure the boys were safe.  I had images of someone coming and cutting our tent and grabbing them.  Yeah, I know... crazy imagination (not sure if this imagination is due to the pregnancy or just over-reacting) but I couldn't shake the feeling.  (plus... we realized the older gentleman was doing some contracting business and was gone during the day and slept at the campsite at night.  Yes, I felt bad for judging him).
Saturday we stayed busy majority of the day.  We took a walk on a trail and the boys found a playground. 
                                           Daddy pushing the boys on the swing.
                                     Then, we found the small beach and had to check it out.
                                                      The boys being silly
Ethan attempting to throw Aiden in the water.  Mommy had to step in to save him before he ended up in the water.
                                  We found a lot of jellyfish.  Boys (including Daddy) are so curious.
                                                         Like father like son
 Then they had to try out the pull up bars.  Am I the only one thinking pull up bars in the middle of a campground are a bit random??                                                  
Ethan's turn 

After all of our fun, it was time to get back to the campsite. Mommy and Isabelle needed to rest for a bit from our long walk. So, it was back to the camp where Daddy played gave the boys a lesson on starting a fire (Boy Scout style).   


 Aiden is mesmerized by the fire.  We even had to snap our fingers a few times to wake him from his trance.
Then it is Ethan's turn.  What is it with fire that makes my boys just sit and stare?? 
This is what happens when we are around each other for too long... we all start losing it.  This is the Holt's version of table tennis and Daddy is the referee. 
And here is additional proof that we are beginning to lose it.  We put on some music and the boys danced around the campsite.  What were our neighbors thinking???
Striking a pose 

Ethan playing dead.  Scary looking!!
The boys and I 
There aren't any pictures of Sunday because we high tailed it out of there right when we woke up.  We almost froze to death Saturday night.  The temperatures dropped into the low 30s and our little heater was no longer keeping us nice and cozy.  Ryan I and woke up constantly and then Ethan woke up with leg cramps (due to being so cold).  Aiden on the other hand, had a very relaxing nights sleep.  We still aren't sure how he managed to sleep the entire night but we are glad that at least one of us did. 
The first thing we did when we made it home was take showers.  That is one thing that is hard to get use to while camping.  I enjoy my showers everyday. 
So... our first camping trip was a success so I am sure there will be many more.  Hopefully, we can plan them in the spring and/or fall next time!

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Angela said...

What a fun time you guys had!!

I just found your blog, and I look forward to reading more.

We've never taken our boys camping, but ours are quite a bit younger than yours. Plus I don't really like the outdoors. haha