Friday, February 4, 2011


Today, Ryan and I are wearing our red shirts for Heart disease awareness. Now, mine is a little tight at this point since I am trying to fit my belly into a non-maternity sweater, but it works (don't judge!).  We are representing our baby Isabelle who will be born with a heart defect.  Today has a whole new meaning to me.  To be honest, neither one of us had ever paid much attention to heart disease since it hadn't directly affected us but now our little girl is affected.  So this changes our world and opens our eyes.  I have a feeling in the years to come, this Mommy is going to become a huge advocate for a number of different things.  I am excited and yet scared all at the same time but we are getting ready for our new journey.  My prayers today go out for all the little ones (and big ones) affected by heart disease.


Cathy said...

I guarantee you will become an advocate!!! You'll want to shout it from the rooftop to let the world know how beautiful your life it!!

I think I'll change Lily into her Valentine's Day shirt I made for her...after It has a big red heart stenciled on it. Quite appropriate for today and to celebrate her membership in the fixed-heart-club. Isabelle is already an honorary member!!!

Krista~CF Mama said...

yes mam! You will, I never paid attention to CF either and now I really get so much out of fundraising!! I can't wait to help you with all the great things to do for Isabelle!!