Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend wrap up...

This weekend was pretty quiet.  My pregnancy brain has, of course, kicked in so I have no idea what we did on Friday night (which is sad since that was only a few days ago).  Saturday started off very low key. I stayed in bed most of the day and then got up in time to do a little cleaning.  Ryan and I were attending the annual Heart Ball for our work so I knew I needed to rest most of the day since we would be on our feet most of the night.  (I am trying to be extra cautious since I am one week away from when I went on bed rest with Aiden.  I am praying and keeping my fingers crossed that I last quite a bit longer before any bed rest might be required.)  At first, we weren't too excited about attending the Ball until we realized that it is actually very fitting due to Isabelle. I enjoy getting all dolled up every now and then to attend nice parties but being 6 months pregnant puts a spin on things. All last week, I tried on every dress that I owned with zero luck. Since I have only gained 5 lbs, I didn't think it would be a problem to squeeze my belly in to one of my dresses- boy was I wrong! A few friends were kind enough to let me borrow some dresses to try so now I had a few options and could stop stressing about what to wear.
On a side note... Ethan once again showed me what a tender heart he has.  He stayed in the room while I was trying on the dresses and he was trying his hardest to reassure me that I was still pretty even with my big belly. He was trying to explain to me how dresses worked and that they are made to go over your belly so it doesn't look bad and my belly doesn't look too big. I guess I have been voicing my opinion of feeling a bit frumpy maybe a little too often and he has caught on.
So... Saturday night we headed out to the Ball to represent the Hotel and our baby girl. We had a great time out with some friends. It was nice to be out with some adults for a change (these nights are few and far between). These pictures are a bit dark (taken with my phone) but here is Ryan in his tuxedo (he looked quite handsome!). The Ball was a Mardi Gras theme with New Orlean style food (not one of Isabelle's favorites- so I ate with caution but I did save room because Ryan promised me a chocolate souffle for dessert.)

On Sunday, the boys and I meet up with Aunt Steph to grab some lunch and some playtime. It was beautiful outside so we took the kids to play at Baytowne.
Ethan and Aiden in the huge beach chair.  They insist on a picture each time we go out to Baytowne.

All the cousins... Mikayla, Ethan, Ian and Aiden 

Aiden being cheesy. 


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