Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The boys sure do love their baby sister

Just a few things the boys do and say about their little sister that make my heart melt: 

*Recently, Aiden has gotten to where when he gives me a hug, I actually now get two.  He likes to give me a hug around the neck and then give me a hug around my belly.  He then explains, that this hug is for Isabelle. 
*Ethan often times will sit and rub my belly and just smile. 
*On our camping trip, the boys were finally able to see Isabelle kick (still can't feel her- stubborn little girl).  I was able to put my cell phone on my belly and she practically kicked it off.  The boys thought this was so cool!
*Ethan brought a fundraiser home from school as few days ago for the American Heart Association.  He is going to be jump roping to raise money for this organization and he realized he could do this in honor of his "soon to be" little sister.  This made him so proud because he felt he was actually doing something for Isabelle.
*Aiden asked last night if Isabelle will speak English or Spanish once she is born.  He needed to make sure he would be able to understand her.  Don't kids say the funniest and most random things?? 
I am so proud of my boys and I know that they are going to be the best big brothers to Isabelle. They already love her so much and pray for her "heart and body" every night before bed. They are very worried about her "broken" heart so we have conversations often about what we might expect. (These conversations are hard since Mommy and Daddy are new to this experience as well but we try to ease their minds as much as possible.)
We are all getting excited to meet our Isabelle- not too much longer.


Becca said...

Isabelle is one truly lucky little girl. Such awesome big brothers to have!!

Angela said...

It must be difficult to go through this with sons who are old enough to comprehend the complexities! I commend you for keeping them informed and helping them to see how much we rely on the Lord. :)