Thursday, December 22, 2011

Isabelle- 7 months

Tomorrow Isabelle will be 7 months old!

*She currently weighs 13lbs 7ozs.  She is gaining weight slowly but surely. 
*She can still fit into majority of her 0-3 months clothes but we are slowly transitioning into the 3-6 months. 
*She is loving her fruits and vegetables (Stage 1) but has snubbed the meats.  She is not a fan!
* We are still working with her on sitting up.  She has a little ways to go before she masters it on her own but she will get there. 
*She wakes up smiling and goes to bed smiling but we have yet to hear her giggle.  She is so close and looks like she is ready to burst but then nothing. 
*Next Friday, we will be heading to Pensacola to meet with an ENT. She is still congested and we have tried everything recommended so now on to the next step.

So... what has Isabelle been up to lately???

Daddy is teaching her how to use the remote. 

She took her first ride in a bye-bye buggy.  She might look a little unsure in this picture but I can almost guarantee that as soon as we walked away, she threw her hands in the air and let the breeze flow through her hair.

She has been sitting around with this silly mustache lately. 
She fits perfectly into our silly little family!

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