Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our visit with Santa

Note to self... don't wait until the last minute to meet up with St. Nick. 
The line was long, the kids were restless, Isabelle fell asleep and then Mommy got a stern talking from Santa because the boys didn't send him a letter and now it was too late.  Bad Mommy... but at least Santa is quick on his feet and came up with a great alternative.  The boys were told to leave a letter for Santa under the tree and he would take care of everything.  Although, by the time we got home the boys had forgotten what Santa said and I didn't remind them so... life goes on.  Don't worry Santa, they don't remember what I say either.
Isabelle didn't even make it to Santa before falling asleep. 

Next year, we will visit Santa earlier and also remember to send our wish lists.

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