Monday, December 19, 2011

What has Ollie been up to these days?!?

Ollie has slowed down a little bit these past few days mainly because Mommy has been feeling a little overwhelmed lately. But that doesn't stop Ollie from still getting into to everything. 

Hanging out in a stocking

Coloring to make the time go by at night while waiting for the boys to wake up.

He caught himself a reindeer.

Reminding the boys to be good because Christmas isn't too far away.

Just hanging out

Doing some more hanging.
We definitely have enjoyed having Ollie around this year.  The boys have really gotten into it and can't wait to see where he is each morning.  We had a slight mishap on Sunday morning.  We don't follow the book exactly and the boys do play with Ollie during the day.  They know he doesn't turn into the "elf" until they have gone to bed.  So they had left Ollie on the floor in the dining room and since I went to bed a little earlier than everyone else, guess who was still lying on the floor in the morning.  Sunday morning, I had a little boy in my face a little worried that Ollie might be sick since he was in the same spot.  Oops!!  I won't let that happen again.  Lesson learned!

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