Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our own little rudolph...

Look who is a little under the weather...
How pitiful does she look?!?  Izzy has not been feeling well for about a month now.  She has been so congested especially at night and bright and early in the mornings.  She is still our happy and easy going baby but tends to save all of her fussiness for 2am. (lucky us!!  I saw myself in the mirror this morning and lets just say... Mommy is beginning to look rough.)
Ryan took her back in to the doctor yesterday and she was tested for RSV.  Thankfully, she tested negative!  She is currently taking the round of shots to prevent RSV so we are happy to know up to this point, it is helping.  She is back on antibiotics and Tylenol around the clock.  Hopefully this will get her back to her normal self really soon.  Although, even when she is feeling horrible, the kid never cries!!   
Saline drops and the Nose Frida have become staple items that go where ever we go.  Izzy is not a big fan of either one of these.  I have to say that I am not either but they do seem to work. 

I made this purchase about 5 months ago and I have finally worked my way to actually using it.  It looks really gross and makes me want to gag at the very thought of it but whatever works, right?!?  Ryan has even broken down and used it- which is saying a lot.  He thought I was crazy and refused to use it when it arrived on our door step.
Izzy is currently weighing in at 13 lbs.  She is not interested in her bottles (due to the congestion) but eats her food like a champ.
Praying my baby girl gets better especially before the weekend so we can enjoy our local Christmas parade and other fun activities we have planned. 

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Mrs. Howard said...

I saw you on kelly's blog. I don't have any monogrammed things, but I had to click on your blog because I also have an Izzy. And then I saw you had an Aiden too!