Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What's happening in December...

Our December has proven to be just as busy as usual.  Every weekend is packed all the way up to Christmas.
Isabelle has been doing a lot of this...

She likes the nebulizer but trys to eat it.  Plus she is still on antibiotics but I am beginning to wonder if she might have allergies.  This is the second round of antibiotics and she is just as congested as when she started.  All I know is that I am trying to keep her well since we have been warned that any hospital stays would take place in Pensacola (1 hour away) since no hospital around here will admit her. 
We went to the Christmas parade and parked way too far away.  I thought I was going to pass out since I wasn't feeling that great but we made it to our final destination just in time for the parade to start. 

This is what Isabelle did for most of the parade

It is starting!!

Mikayla looking as cute as possible in her band uniform.  Why must band uniforms be so unattractive?!?  I never have figured that out.
The boys had already discussed that Isabelle had to be front and center at the parade so they could get more candy and possibly stuffed animals.  Everyone knows that they throw more things when they see a baby!!  They have learned quickly to use Isabelle to their advantage whenever possible.
Then we enjoyed some family time at the Annual Sasser Christmas party.  We went on a hayride with Santa and then Santa handed out some gifts.  I really messed this one up.  The kids were with me when we purchased the gifts that Santa was going to give them and they saw me wrapping them...oops!  There was no way to recover so Santa was actually not the "real" Santa but his nice helper. 

Meet Isabelle's newest BFF- Aunt Gloria. 

Look at the excitement on Aiden's face... even though he knows what the gift is.  That's my boy!!

Isabelle brought home her first art project from daycare.  We are so proud of her!                                           
Then on Sunday, the boys participated in the Children's program at church.  They decided to participate at the last minute so they tried their best. 
Can you tell Isabelle is excited to watch them?!? 

Isabelle and Papa

Hurry mom and take the picture, we have people to see!

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Becca said...

Whew! Good recovery on the gifts thing. LOL I think I seriously psychologically scarred some kid last year when talking with another adult, too loudly, about my thoughts on the Elf on the Shelf. Oops...