Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas time...

Last year around this time, I was praying for a Christmas miracle (see here) and although at the time I didn't think my prayers were answered exactly as I had been praying, I did get my miracle - Isabelle Claire.
Christmas time last year was a rough time for our family and I am looking forward to a more relaxed holiday season with my boys and our new addition, Isabelle.  Although she is too young to know what is going on, we will be dragging her to all of our Christmas events so she can learn all the Holt/Barfield traditions at an early age.  While the boys are unwrapping their gifts, we will place a piece of foil paper in her hands and she can go to town.  Her PT shared with Ryan the magic of foil paper during her last appointment.  Since then I have been searching high and low for this magic paper so I can share in Isabelle's excitement. 
Isabelle has already experienced her first Niceville Christmas parade (post to follow) and this weekend she will attend her first Sasser Family Christmas party.  Trust me if you could see her right now... she is jumping for joy at all of our upcoming events.
See... can't you tell?!?  She is so excited!

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Ellen Stumbo said...

Oh what a sleeping beauty! I think most of Nichole's first Christmas pictures do show her sleeping :)