Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Our big girl...

Last night we finally put Isabelle's crib together.  We tried to put her crib together a few weeks ago but discovered that during our move, the hardware had been misplaced.  So after ordering the replacements, the crib is up and she spent her first night in her own room.  She slept the entire night without waking up!  Over the past month since she hadn't been feeling too well, we were no longer getting a full nights sleep.  We were spoiled for the first 5 months of her life since she slept through the night from the time she came home from the hospital.  So... it was hard getting used to waking up a few times a night due to her major congestion.  I also wonder now if she might not have been comfortable in her Play pen/bassinet. 
Now, she is a big girl in her big bed and much more comfortable.  Here is to more nights full of uninterrupted sleep!! 
Izzy in her big girl bed. 

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