Friday, May 25, 2012

Aiden's Allergy update

Wednesday, Aiden had a 1/2 day food challenge with peanuts.  Every 15 minutes he was given a small bite of peanut butter to see if he would have a reaction. 
We are happy to report... Aiden is no longer allergic to peanuts.  He can now enjoy true peanut butter and fluff sandwiches!  No more soy butter in his future.
Next week, he has another 1/2 challenge to test eggs.  Hopefully, we can mark this off his list as well.  Slowly his list of food allergies is getting smaller and we pray that continues!

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Norma said...

Oh yay! I know that you have to be so relieved. Being an allergy sufferer myself, I know that Aiden must be so happy to get to have PB... oh how I miss it, lol. Hope that his egg test goes well! Prayers :)