Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekend wrap up...

How would you like waking up to this cute little face?!?

Well... I love it! Even if it is a little too early some mornings.  She is one happy baby!

Brother/Sister love.  This warms my heart!  Aiden is unbelievable with Isabelle.  It took him a while to warm up to her (since she did take his spot as baby of the family) but this kid loves his sister!  He probably tells her he loves her and how beautiful she is about 100 times a day. 

We had a little visitor in our backyard this weekend.

He was pretty cute but he better stay away from our garden!  His little furry friend was in our neighbor's yard and I think I saw them huddled up later discussing their findings.  I am eager to see what our garden produces so I will be ready for them if they set their eyes on our veggies.  (not sure what I will do but don't test me!)
The boys were outside playing this weekend and we look out the window and see Aiden running down the street with Big Giant Monkey.  That was a sight to see!  I wonder what our neighbors thought about that?? He then returns to get him dressed.  I guess Big Giant Monkey is modest. 

Hard to see but he has Daddy's clothes on

Big Giant Monkey has seen better days.  I can't believe I tried to get rid of him when the boys (Ryan included) weren't looking.  He has been some great entertainment for our family.  He is just so darn big!

Gotta love some thighs and biscuits in the morning!  I think it might be time to put the bumper pads back on.  Sister is moving in her crib!

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