Saturday, May 12, 2012

Speech therapy update

I was able to sit in on Isabelle's latest speech therapy since I took off work on Thursday for the boy's field day.  (Remind me not to take off on a Thursday again!  I had to keep reminding myself that I did actually have to go back to work the next day. Boo!)
We are very thankful that Mrs. M goes to the daycare to work with Isabelle every week.  I haven't been able to attend a session since Isabelle's first consultation.  So yesterday, was very important to me.   I was able to ask her some questions and I soaked up all the knowledge I could possible remember during our short session.  I am always eager to learn new exercises or anything more that we can do to help Isabelle.  I was probably told but I had forgotten that I need to be prepping Isabelle before each meal.  Now I know the exercises and techniques to help prepare her tongue and to strengthen her muscles.  So if you see me out and about with Izzy, don't think I am torturing her!  I am just working on her muscles and tone.
The past few months we have been worried about Isabelle and her bottle feeding.  She coughs through out the entire feeding.  I was beginning to wonder if she was aspirating and needed to have a swallow test.  At this point, we are going to keep a close eye on her and the swallow test might be in her future but for now, we are going to try a few different things first. 
Now is the time for us to introduce the cup.  I have already bought about 5 different kinds and she hasn't taken to any.  I recently bought a special bear straw cup that was recommended by many moms of babies with DS.  We are currently waiting for that to arrive via mail. 
Next new adventure is learning more sign language.  I went to a class last night for introductory sign language.  I am ready to start teaching Izzy so I am hoping she is ready to learn. 

Lots of homework but this little girl is worth it!

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