Friday, May 11, 2012

The latest happenings...

The kids have all been busy with projects at school (including Isabelle). 
Isabelle has been doing a lot of art projects at daycare.We love that they take pictures so we can feel like we aren't missing out.

Aiden finally brought home some art work.  I was quite impressed.

Ethan has been a busy bee as well.  All though his project sounded interesting, I am not too happy to have this lying around the house.

Ethan dissected Owl pellets aka Owl hair balls and this is what he found.  We have a small skull and claws.  You would have to ask Ethan what animals these came from.  He lost me shortly after he started describing everything.  This kid is smart!  Now he wants to keep his findings in his bag.  I am not sure where you store this kind of stuff but we have been trying to keep Aiden from coming in contact.  I almost lost my lunch so we know he would lose his.
Ethan gave me a nice surprise last week.  He came home and said that he had an early Mother's day gift for me.  He had saved up his points (good behavior) at school and bought me this necklace and bracelet.  Brings a tear to your eye, right?!?  But then he told me that there just wasn't anything in the treasure box that he wanted.  At least I was his second thought!

  I sure do love these kids.

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Becca said...

What is it with kids and dead thing? Ugh. LOL

I love that Isabelle's daycare takes photos for you! That's fantastic! :-)