Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Good clean fun...

This weekend, we had to prepare the house for an important event... Owen's baby shower.  Owen is the newest nephew to be adopted into our family.  He is already loved by so many.
Friday night, we cleaned and cleaned.  Afterwards, as I was relaxing on the couch I thought to myself- we need to have more people over to the house more often.  Our house was so clean and everyone pitched in to help.  I liked it!!
Saturday was a busy day -of course, we started out at the baseball fields.

Princess Isabelle in the shade

Then it was back home to rest and get ready for the baby shower. 

Our house was full of family and friends all gathering to celebrate the arrival of Baby Owen. Isabelle is no longer the baby in the family but I think she is excited to have a younger cousin.  She thinks he is pretty cool even though he doesn't do too much.  
Ian copying Isabelle

She was worn out after the shower.  It is hard being "on" for 3 hours straight.
 Isabelle had a few wardrobe changes through out the day- thanks to a diaper mishap but she rocked each outfit along with her signature bows.
  The boys loved having everyone over because that meant their friends would be over as well.  This is about the only time that their toys actually come out of the closet. 
Sunday, we headed to church and then relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. 

This is how my little lady likes to ride around town.  We had a talk about lady like behavior as soon as we got home.

 Although we were busy, I love weekends spent with family and friends.

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