Friday, May 24, 2013

Beach Baby

We had a great time at Izzy's beach birthday.  Sister loves the water and this time, she didn't spend her night eating the sand.  Progress!

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to... 
She didn't like that I sat her up on the railings.  I have figured out that I am not going to be winning the Mommy of the month award this month.  Between her and Aiden... I have not been on top of things.
Daddy and his little girl...
Still not happy...
Izzy loved all of her presents!

Daddy was showing her some new clothes from Nana and Papa.  Sister knows what she likes!

 Is this for me???

 Water time!  Izzy and all the cousins loved playing in the ocean. 

 Can you guess where he went as soon as we got home?!?  Shower...

Izzy wanted to personally thank everyone for the birthday wishes but Sister was wiped out!  She partied until the sun went down.  Being 2 is a lot more work than 1.

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