Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Our Scientist...

Aiden was the class Scientist this past week.  He chose Gooey Gunk for his project.  What boy doesn't like flubber or anything slimy??
We practiced for two nights to prepare him to do the project all by himself in front of his class.  What he would say, making sure he understood the measurements, and speaking loud.  If you know Aiden, speaking loud comes natural for him.   
If you know Aiden, being loud is not something you normally have to worry about with him.  But our outgoing and talkative middle child was nervous. 
He was talking so quiet and at first forgot to measure the water but he pulled it together and made his Gooey Gunk perfectly. 
 He wanted to mix all of the food coloring he had but the color didn't quite turn out like he was expecting.  The kids grossed us out with what the color reminded them of but that kids for you.

We are so proud of our little Scientist and glad we have our first Science project under our belt. 

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