Friday, May 17, 2013

Sleepovers and polish

The kids and I had a sleepover a few weeks back with cousins and a friend.  We played, ate and painted fingernails/toenails.  However, I never guessed that 2 little boys would want to try out the polish as well.
Can you pick out the 2 sets of feet that don't belong???
Of course, they wanted the darkest color I had so even after scrubbing the polish off, their toes were still tinted blue/green.  Sorry Dads, I tried to talk them out of it. 
I was excited to have a couple of girls over so we could paint nails.  Izzy won't sit still long enough for me to paint hers yet.  I can't wait for when I can finally paint her little nails.  This is something I always dreamt about doing.  My daughter and I sitting around painting each others nails. 
Ethan sure loves Mikayla.  Mikayla loves Ethan too but you know how younger cousins/siblings can be... annoying.  Can you tell they are related??  They even sleep the same.
Ethan ended up getting sick that evening.  He confessed that he had eaten too much chocolate.  One too many brownies does not do a body good.
The next morning, Ethan wanted to take a shot at painting my nails.  Let's just say... brother does not have a future as a Nail Tech. 
Although Ryan was working all night and I had 6 kids running around the house, we had such a great time!  We will have to do it again soon!

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