Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Plant sale

We woke up Saturday for another plant sale.  We were thinking the yard salers would be out and about bright and early and plants would be a great purchase for Mother's day.  Well... the weather didn't cooperate and neither did the yard salers.  This sale wasn't a complete bust but it definitely wasn't as successful as our other ones.  Our back deck still resembles a small nursery so I do see a few more sales in our future.  I am very impressed with Ryan's ability to grow and create some great looking plants. 

Thankfully, the kids are always outside helping because I might scare the customers away since I literally roll out of bed and walk outside.

Can we go inside now?!?
I know Ryan will have our yard looking great this summer!  I can't wait to turn into the driveway and see all of the flowers he has planted.

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