Friday, May 10, 2013

Kid pitch...

Ethan is playing kid pitch this season.  It is very interesting and exciting to watch!
Ethan has gotten so much better throughout the season.  He has some great coaches working with him this year.
He played his best game yet on Tuesday.  And, of course, I missed getting pictures of him pitching.  His last time pitching was very rough (for us and him) and he had a hard inning.  He was so upset with himself and he wasn't sure if he wanted to try it again.  I am so proud of him for getting back out there and pitching one of the best innings of the game. 
 His hitting has been an issue this year and in my opinion it is because he can't see the ball.  He is not interested in wearing sports glasses (cuz there not cool Mom!).  Some how, we will have to convince him otherwise by next season.  Sorry son, it looks like you might have Mama's eyes. 
As per a previous post, Izzy is a great little cheerleader for her brothers and their teammates.  She keeps the crowd alive by waving and talking their ears off.  She has found some admirers amongst the parents and she makes sure to give them a little extra attention at each game.  Of course, she never complains about receiving the extra attention as well.
The only issue we have been having with Ethan's baseball games/practices this season are the times.  Some of the start times are 7pm which means they end at 9pm.  This cuts into Izzy's bedtime and I wish mine- but I am not that lucky to get to bed that early.  Plus, she gets worn out from all the cheering and by the end of the game.
This might explain why Sister sleeps so hard...
Hair sticking up, mouth wide open and in her play clothes from that day (that would be because I was too lazy to change her into PJs and wishing I was in bed).
Gotta love her!!

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