Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Our little cheerleader...

Both boys are finishing up their baseball season and while it has been fun... Mommy is just a wee bit excited for it to be coming to an end.  There have been a few days that I have done the rain dance in hopes that we can have one night at home without any obligations. 
Izzy never complains about sitting in the bleachers watching her brothers every.single.night.of.the.week.  Since she isn't walking yet, she has to be held and Sister takes full advantage of rotating between the family.  One minute here, 5 seconds there and repeat. 
Papa's turn... Papa played in a golf tournament before this particular game so he brought a bag full of goodies to keep her occupied.
 Whatcha got in there Papa??
 I can't quite see...
 Oh- much better...
and yes, she up chucked a little after all that time on her head.  Note to Izzy- don't hang upside down after a snack.
Aiden was very proud of himself.  He had just gotten a hit and made it to second.  We won't mention that he had to be bribed by the Coach's wife with popcorn and candy but... he made contact.  I guess whatever it takes.  But don't expect anymore of that Mister... now we know you can hit the ball. 
After a long night at the baseball fields, Sister is wiped out and catching some flies.   

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