Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What's his name??

Meet the newest member in our family...
His name is Milo.  He was originally called Whatley at the shelter and we were going to stick with that name but everyone thought we were saying Wally.  Then, he was going to be Scout, Buster or Yoda.  So, the final decision has been made and his is now Milo. 
This is my first puppy and I am very excited but I quickly learned last night that puppies are like having another newborn baby.  Thankfully, we had already invested in a great carpet cleaner. 
The boys love Milo because he is very playful and cuddly.  Izzy... not so much!
No-No dog!

Ummm... I am keeping my eye on you

He is a little too close
If Milo gets anywhere near Izzy, she scoots as fast as she can while screaming.  Although a funny sight, Sister is really scared of him right now.
I do like his bed though

It looks like Milo likes the same things that Izzy and I like... shoes!  All shoes are now required to be put away in the closet (where they should go anyways).  Mama doesn't play that game! 
Now, to get this little guy potty trained.  I can't have two babies not potty trained at once. 

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