Monday, September 27, 2010

Aiden's Allergy/Asthma update

Daddy took Aiden to see his Allergy doctor today for a checkup.  Aiden is currently weighing in at 41lbs. and is 45 inches tall.  The Dr. did a computerized breathing test on him to see how his lungs look and to check his oxygen levels.  Everything showed great.  He mentioned that Asthma will permanently scare your lungs and at this point, Aiden doesn't show any scaring!!  He also said his oxygen levels were right on target so if he maintains, then we can lessen his daily inhaler to one puff each day instead of two puffs morning and night. 
His next appointment will be in October for his annual skin test.  They will test everything he is currently allergic to and anything new that we have noticed. 
We continue to pray that he will outgrow a lot of his allergies and also the asthma.  Aiden is very excited about playing sports this coming year and I don't want his asthma to slow him down.

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