Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day weekend!

Our family spent a lot of time bonding this weekend.  On Friday, we went to Walmart and then to the boy's (Daddy included) new favorite store Game Stop for a special PlayStation game they all have been secretly wanting.  The only thing Mommy dreamt of doing that night was taking a long hot bath and relaxing but I guess that won't happen for another 10 years.  Don't get me wrong... I take hot baths often but they are neither long nor relaxing.  This is the time that Aiden decides he wants to sit and have a conversation.  Although at the time I might seemed annoyed, I really do love those moments because I know they won't last forever. 
Saturday the boys and I made our routine visit to Big Kahunas.  This was the last day for us this season and we had a blast.  Ethan finally realized that he could do the big yellow slides and wouldn't be scared to death and Aiden grew since the last time we went so he was now tall enough to enjoy the fun as well.  I soon realized going up the 100+ stairs holding a double tube and a single tube was a bit difficutl.  At the top, I had to squat down and catch my breath (I am sure that was a pretty sight).  My legs were actually sore the next day so I guess I got a decent workout as well.  Then on Saturday night, the boys spent a few hours with Aunt Steph so Mommy and Daddy could visit a friend's art show at a local gallery.  I even guilted Daddy into buying me a beautiful necklace that Laurel had made. 
We were very lazy on Sunday and actually skipped church.  This is a rare occasion for the boys and I.  I always feel too guilty when I miss and the boys also never allow me to miss a Sunday or Wednesday.  Even if I am sick, they will beg for me to take them.  I have no doubt that they do love Jesus and their friends at church so I can't complain.  We had lunch with Chad, Steph and the kids and then headed out to Walmart (again- twice in one weekend is not good for the wallet) and Sam's.  Ethan's birthday party is this coming weekend so we had to load up on some goodies. 
On Monday, we took the kids canoeing at Black water.  This was the perfect day.  Beautiful weather and zero crowds.  We spent the entire day on the river.  The kids played and swam and I thought for sure they would fall asleep as soon as we got in the car.  No... not even when we got home.  They were wired and ready to play some more.  What?!?  Mommy needed a nap!!
            Ethan was very excited to ride in a yellow school bus.  Can you tell???
Aiden and Ian
The adults
Showing off his new swimming skills
Jumping from a small cliff. 
His karate move
There are the bunny ears.  We have to have at least one picture with those things.
Pretty deep hole.  We almost lost Ian.
This was not a good idea to let Aiden out.  Right after this picture he got stuck between the canoe and a log.
Hold on!!
We let them swim to the stopping point. 
The boys loved canoeing and as long as we can pick another day like Monday with little crowds, we will definitely do this again. 

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