Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Ethan!!

Today, Ethan is 7 years old.  My how time is flying!!  I remember like it was yesterday holding my little chunky baby in my arms.  That was the best day ever!  We had both gone though a very stressful delivery and to finally hold him after 9 months of waiting, was fabulous!!  He has changed a lot since those earlier days and each day just gets better. 
  • He is growing by the day.  I think he is going to be as tall as me very soon. 
  • He loves sports.  Currently he plays soccer and baseball.  He loves to watch football with his Daddy.  Go FSU unless he is around PaPa and then... Go Gators!!
  • He recently has learned to ride his bike minus the training wheels.
  • He can be temper mental at times but has a very sensitive heart.  We are still working on the temper tantrums and hoping that they just disappear now that he turned 7.  Is that wishful thinking??
  • He still loves to give Mommy hugs and kisses even in front of his friends!!  I treasure these moments because I am not sure how much longer they will last.
  • He loves his little brother even though right now... they love to fight. 
  • He loves to play video games (any kind) thanks to Daddy.  I think this is their special bonding time. 
  • He favorite toys are Legos, Nintendo DS and Zhu Zhu pets.  He got 3 new Zhu Zhu pets from his party so we now have little hamsters running all over the house.  This is driving the dogs crazy! 
  • He has the best memory (which is helping with his spelling words).  He is doing great with reading and seems to improve each day. 
We are so proud of Ethan and the little man he is becoming.  We pray that he will bless many lives just like he continues to bless ours each and every day.  We love you so much!!
Looking back from beginning until now...
                                          Ethan's first bath
Watching some football sporting the old man hairstyle (Poor little man... he was born with a head full of black curly hair.  Where did it all go??)
 a few years later...

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