Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ethan's birthday night with the Barfields

Nana, Papa, Chad and Steph were all out of town for Ethan's party on Saturday so we all meet up last night at CiCi's Pizza and then went to play some Goofy Golf. 
That was the last time I will be eating Pizza for a long while.  The boys could eat Pizza everyday and be happy but not me. 
Here are some fuzzy pictures from our night of Goofy Golf. 
                                                   Getting started!!
Daddy's turn.  Tiger Woods... watch out!
Aiden is a lefty and we were having some issues figuring out the best way for him to hold a golf club.  Papa stepped in to save the day.
Trying to hold up the dinosaur.  He sure was heavy.
Then they had to sit on his tail.
About to fall off.

Mommy, Ethan and I think even Daddy all got a hole in one!!  Steph got a hole in one when it really counted.  The last hole, she got it right in the snake's mouth which wins her a free game.

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ReBenMyers said...

Can you believe that we used to go there and play. Now are kids are old enough to play. CRAZY! It is comforting that somethings don't change. I also remember going to eat Po'Folks right across the street after Sunday church. Well, congrats mom on having such handsome and sweet boys. Happy birthday